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Sojourn Theatre creates Portland-based mainstage productions, national large scale community collaborations, and touring shows, such as the acclaimed Look Away.

Act V

ACT V : Points of Entry

11am – 6pm on the CCB Plaza, Downtown Durham

An exploration of citizenship and the refugee experience in Durham, including a re-imagining of the US State Department video “Welcome: Portraits of America,” new photographic works by students of the English Language Learners program at the Kenan Institute for Ethics, and a Naturalization Interview created by our own Stranger Bureau for Citizenship and Immigration, open to the curious and willing.

Led by Jenny Sherman and Mao Hu, with special thanks to Torry Bend and Jules Odendahl-James at Duke Theater Studies, Sojourn artists Michael Rohd and Shannon Scrofano, Dan Ellison, Carolyn Covalt, Suzanne Shanahan at the Kenan Institute for Ethics, the Duke Center for Civic Engagement, and City of Durham Parks and Recreation.  Additional thanks to Katie Hyde, director of Literacy through Photography at the Duke Center for Documentary Studies and Reem Alfahad, Kate Bulger and Grace Benson for their work with the MASTERY students’ photo process.

“…the welcoming host who believes himself the owner of the house is in reality a guest welcomed in his own home. He receives the hospitality that he offers in his own house, he receives hospitality from his own house – which ultimately does not belong to him. The host, as host, is a guest.”  – Jacques Derrida, Adieu à Emmanuel Lévinas