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Sojourn Theatre creates Portland-based mainstage productions, national large scale community collaborations, and touring shows, such as the acclaimed Look Away.

Stranger Festival - About

About the Festival

On February 24th, 2012, in locations across Durham, North Carolina, the Stranger Festival will converge a year of conversations and meditations about the dynamics of hospitality in Durham, from tiny daily acts of civility to the impacts of rapidly changing public policy.  Duke students, faculty and Durham citizens, in collaboration with guest artists from Sojourn Theatre, host a series of micro-events on a city scale, intersecting with and exploring Durham’s daily patterns through workshops, encounters, performance and mobile art events, in search of a living archive of local hospitality.

Festival artists include Keith Hyland, Mao Hu, Michael Oliver, Jenny Sherman, Kimberly Welch, Linda Yi, and Alex Young, with the participation of faculty members Torry Bend, Nina Billone-Prieur, Jules Odendahl-James and Dan Ellison, Carolyn Covalt, and Sojourn artists Courtney Davis, Michael Rohd and Shannon Scrofano.

The festival is made possible through partnership with Duke University’s Department of Theater Studies, and through a generous Studio grant from the Duke Center for Civic Engagement.

We hope you’ll join us!

For a full list of the day’s events, click here.