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Sojourn Theatre creates Portland-based mainstage productions, national large scale community collaborations, and touring shows, such as the acclaimed Look Away.

Act I

ACT I : The Mural Truck

Durham’s Mobile Canvas for a day

Outfitted with material down the sides and a multitude of paint pens, the Mural Truck will embark on a journey all over Durham.  Combining planned stops with the joy of the wander, its surface areas will host a space for residents to share their creativity and reflections with the rest of the city.  The Mural Truck poses the question ‘What would you like to share with Durham?’ and invites responses in image and text.  A picture of the mural that results will find its way back to each of the participants.  In this way, the Mural Truck is in search of strangeness and familiarity across the geographical, social, and economic thresholds of Durham.

For a full listing of the Mural Truck’s stops and schedule, click here.

The Mural Truck is created and hosted by Michael Oliver, with special thanks to Anamika Goyal at the DCCE.