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Sojourn Theatre creates Portland-based mainstage productions, national large scale community collaborations, and touring shows, such as the acclaimed Look Away.

Documentation For Town Hall Nation Projects

Documentation for Town Hall Nation Projects

It won’t be possible to get all of the following material from every project, but think of it as guidelines for what we’re hoping to collect and make available for reflection/analysis from the entirety of the Town Hall Nation community.

As always, documentation activity is not meant to interrupt event flow or attention, but as much as possible, it would be great to examine the following in process and aftermath.

Photos in particular that would be helpful are those that:

  • show the event’s scale in terms of participants
  • communicate the layout of the space and the organization (whether by event leadership or self-organization of participants), and tracking if these arrangements change at all over the course of the event.
  • represent smaller conversation groups or moments of connection or decision making – people being with each other, a handful of images that feel like you captured a general portrait of who this particular group was
  • capture any intentional aesthetic choices the organizers made
  • illustrate any material generated throughout the course of the event (like wall charts or large pieces of paper, or cards on a table, or note-taking – anything physical that was integrated into the event)

Video :  If you record the event, we’d love a copy of that footage.  If you are only recording pieces, we’re particularly interested in video that evidences :

  • the general energy in the room
  • the quality, tone, and rhythm of conversations that are happening
  • a moment of decision or conflict between participants
  • the facilitation or presentation style of the organizers/leaders

Writing : We’re hoping for selected written reflections after the event from the organizer(s) or any participants who would take the time to respond.  This can be a general response to how the event worked, or address any of the questions that came up in your process of creating the event : a record of moments that surprised, disappointed or encouraged you in the course of the event; or, anything you (or others) overheard that really struck you – that could work as a participant quotation.

* You retain full copyright of any images or language you share with us.  However, you are giving us permission in perpetuity to share it as part of the work of the Town Hall Nation project – publicly, and in scholarly settings.